Tunemakers Ginseng Essence

Tunemakers Ginseng Essence
Tunemakers Ginseng Essence

Tunemakers Ginseng Essence

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Size: 10ml

Ginseng undiluted eye essence can help improve waste metabolism and accelerate the elimination of pigments, thereby improving the dullness of the eyes and saying goodbye to dark circles.

Using Korean ginseng root extract, containing a variety of ginsenosides, amino acids, vitamin A, polysaccharides, and other ingredients.

The active substances in ginseng can inhibit the reducing properties of melanin, improve dullness, and promote skin metabolism.

  • Can be used alone or with Tunemakers Moisturizing Water Essence
  • One bottle can be used for about 50 days (2 drops at a time, when used twice a day)

    How to use:
    Apply directly around the eyes and massage until absorbed.

    As a booster:
    Immediately after washing the face, take an appropriate amount (standard: 4-6 drops), apply to the whole face, use gently while hand pressing.
    Softens the skin and then uses the skin lotion / beauty serum to make it familiar skin.

    As a lotion:
    Apply an appropriate amount (guide: 4-6 drops) to the whole face according to the condition of the skin on that day.
    Moisten where you are concerned about moisture.

  • Ingredients

    Panax ginseng, also known as ginseng, is a plant that has been familiar to people since ancient times. The roots contain skin-beautifying ingredients (amino acids, saponins, vitamins), and because they make the skin healthy and firm, they have been prized not only for drinking but also for cosmetics.

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