Simple Gold Cuff



The Simple Gold Cuff is fully adjustable and can be worn as an ear cuff or as a septum ring. This metal cuff is gold toned, interesting and multi-purpose! This Simple Gold Cuff is casually rock star chic when worn at the top of the ear and even more daring as a nose ring. This ear cuff easily adjusts in size, when gently separated it becomes bigger. When gently squeezed into place, it becomes smaller hugging the ear or septum perfectly. If you don't look closely, you might miss this dainty ear cuff. That is the beauty of the Simple Gold Cuff, it is understated enough to be paired with any style of studs or earrings. We currently love rocking this ear cuff with mismatched studs and layered long necklaces. Remember - good things come in small packages!

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