Peter Veyder-malberg - Brandstatt Riesling 2016



Distributor Description Once the grapes are picked (usually in two pickings for each vineyard, completely avoiding botrytis) they may be macerated for up to 24 hours, depending on the year amp;#x2014;higher acid years longer, warm years close to nothing. Basket pressed for 6-8 hours to give clean juice with quality tannins, which helps with mouth feel and protection against oxidation, in turn lowering the amount of sulfites needed to properly protect the wine. Tank settled up to 24 hours amp;#x2014;cleaner fruit settles less time or none at all. Fermentations are all natural and in a mix (depending the wine) of stainless steel and 300l-1500l old barrels and usually peak between 20-25C amp;#x2014;higher temperatures may develop too much reduction and lower temperatures unwanted superficial esters. Aged in 300-liter old oak barrels (3 total) until the end of winter then put in stainless steel for another 6 months, bottled in August. Sterile filtered (to remove lactic acid bacteria to prevent malolactic fermentation in bottle). No fining.

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