Jane D'Arensbourg Glass Dot Ring - Lilac

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Jane D'Arensbourg Glass Dot Ring - Lilac

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Handmade pyrex glass ring with clear band and small clear orb ball.

About Jane D'Arensbourg
"Light, shadow, and pattern are some of the themes I explore in my work. Glass is a material I use as a vehicle to capture light, energy, and fragility. 

There is a time in the day in my studio when the sun pours in and everything comes to life as sunlight slowly travels around my studio, casting beams of light through all of the glass sculptures, jewelry, lighting, and experiments. I often have to drop what I am doing and absorb this fleeting moment. Light vibrates through the skeletal facets, corners, and open planes. The shadow cast on surfaces is this energy broken up into patterns, which can be used as a vehicle for meditation by the viewer.  

I view my jewelry and lighting work as functional art. A ring can function as a sculptural object sitting in your home, waiting to be worn and experienced in another way. I try to create calm, meditative artwork."

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