Hit & Run Thank God

Hit & Run Thank God

Hit & Run Thank God

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Hit and Run greetings cards are handmade in Hollywood, California, and are individually wrapped in cellophane to keep them protected from dirty little fingers.

The message inside each card is..well - it's blank.

Specs: all cards and envelopes are from 100% recycled paper, made in the US of A. Cards are 100% textured cotton, scored and folded in a luxe white color.

Envelopes are 100% cotton, in fuchsia, curry and/or the original paper bag. Card/envelope size is A6 or A7

I've always loved greeting cards. I've always loved making people laugh. And one day not all that long ago, those two loves came together - and I started Hit and Run Greetings as just a hobby. Pierre LaFond in Montecito, CA was my first account. They placed a large order and, to my shock, the cards sold out! I was excited - not to mention a little relieved - to learn that there were others in the world who shared my "oh, no he did-unt" sense of humor. More stores signed on ... more re-orders came in ... and my fledgling little line began to grow. Hit and Run Greetings is now in over 150 stores in the world, with more signing up every week. Who knows how long it will last, but I'm having a good time with it now. I hope you leave this site with a smile - and taking our crazy world a bit less seriously ... if only for a few minutes. Laugh on! Korbin

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