Glittery Hair Elastics

Style: Princess Mouse
$15.49 /0.2 lb


From the Magic Garden collection, these charming hair elastics are a perfect compliment to a party dresses or day-to-day look.

Additional Details:

  • Each pack comes with two decorated hair elastics
  • Choose from five different whimsical themes: ladybug, princess mouse, bee kind, wish upon a star, and dreaming bunny

About the Designer:

Billy Loves Audrey designs whimsical accessories for children around the world. Capturing the innocence of childhood and wonderment, Billy Loves Audrey designs cute, adorable, and whimsical socks, tights, accessories, and hats for the toddler and young child. Reflecting a magical world of adventure and play each collection brings to life woodland animals and characters. Unique detailing on each sock, tight, character bag, and hair accessory has been lovingly designed in Melbourne.

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