Cards by Allie Holy Ravioli, It's Your Birthday!

Cards by Allie Holy Ravioli, It&

Cards by Allie Holy Ravioli, It's Your Birthday!

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Made in United States of America

IT ALL STARTED CHRISTMAS OF 2017... Allie started to doodle some Christmas illustrations while watching a movie with her family. Without a plan, the illustrations ended up turning into the perfect greeting cards. After posting on Instagram, her (very few) followers all commented & requested cards of their own. Christmas 2017 became extremely busy for Allie as she was drawing all the cards (with a very numb hand) and sending them out as quickly as possible for her supporters. Once 2018 hit and all the Christmas requests were over she had a second to breathe and realized she wanted to continue making cards. Today, CARDS BY ALLIE represents Allie's passion for drawing and unapologetically corny sense of humor. We hope you enjoy!

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