Bruder 02812 MACK Granite Garbage Truck

Bruder 02812 MACK Granite Garbage Truck

Bruder 02812 MACK Granite Garbage Truck

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MACK Granite Garbage truck (ruby red-green). Engine hood opens to reveal engine, doors open, mirrors fold out. Tilting refuse container can be opened. Real working press. Tires have real tread.

Drivers cab:
- Folding outside mirror
- Possibility to view the engine block
- Doors can be opened

Vehicle frame:
- Tread tires

- Refuse can be tipped out by turning handle
- Rotating wheel mechanism enables loading and unloading process
- Tilting refuse container can be opened

The incredibly realistic drivers cabin with its doors that can be opened, the tilting engine bonnet, providing a view of the engine block, the foldable rear-view mirrors, and the many add-on accessories, which give the model its chrome look, make this truck a true feast for the eyes of every truck fan. When used as a garbage truck, this truck manages to fascinate children with recycling and waste management. The small colored dustbins (included) or the grey dustbins (not included) can be emptied using a fully functional dustbin lift. Both the colored dustbins and the waste container can be opened. 

Dimension of the truck : 27.1 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches
Includes MACK Garbage truck and 2 trash bins.
Made in Germany; Made of highest quality ABS plastic in scale 1:16

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