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Eighty original works by students from 826NYC and the five boroughs of New York City, including:

  • An ode to eggs
  • A how-to listicle on experiencing the Titanic
  • Puppies in tuxedo suits
  • A gem of a turtle
  • A one hundred and thirteen year old ghost who wants to draw for the people
  • Talking Sock, a sock that talks
  • A kid who loves dem squids
  • A memoir about self-esteem that we swear will not make you bored
  • Malika, and Samira, and me, and her husband
  • A young woman who can fight back
  • A very funny eighth grader who is afraid of heights
  • Reasons for why to recycle like you're supposed to
  • A girl who seems... different
  • The word that's missing
  • An old, twenty-four year old author who only has sixteen billion dollars
  • Empty chicken boxes glowing with the remembrance of grease
  • A witch named K-A-C-E-Y, not K-C
  • A story about me, not you

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