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A wonderful companion to 826NYC Review #1-3, volume four of the award-giving series is packed with sixty eight original works by students from 826NYC and the five boroughs of New York City, including three haikus, four movie scripts, short and long stories of tragedy and loss, three more haikus, some bar graphs, four love songs, and a poem about Sarah Palin.

PLUS, for the first time each copy includes a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) featuring:

  • Five short films starring werewolves, assassins, ninja, and a dancing policeman
  • A music video with angels, monsters, and six-to-eight year olds
  • A TV pilot set 150 years in the future... with cyborg cops
  • An animation about what happens when you mix Diet Coke with Mentos
  • "Behind the Lab", featuring interviews with Brooklyn's foremost mad scientists
  • Choreography!

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