Dolin - Sweet Vermouth Red (375ml)



Made to the same set of recipes since 1821, Dolin Vermouth de Chamb amp;#xE9;ry has long been the benchmark for fine Vermouth. In the late 19th century, Dolin Vermouth de Chamb amp;#xE9;ry won medals in Paris London, St. Louis and Philadelphia and in 1932 earned Chamb amp;#xE9;ry France s only Appellation d Origine for Vermouth. Dolin Vermouth de Chamb amp;#xE9;ry is made of fine wines and botanicals found in the Alpine meadows above Chamb amp;#xE9;ry. Together they impart a fresh and elegant nose, with a subtle and complex palate. Dolin Vermouths are notably lighter, drier and less pungent than their larger commercial counterparts. The particular mixture of plants found near Chamb amp;#xE9;ry give a fresh, restrained and elegant nose, with a subtle, complex bittersweet palate. The Rouge retains great balance, with the sugar never cloying, and just enough bitterness to whet the appetite. Excellent as aperitif on ice, with a twist of citrus, or in a broad array of traditional cocktails.

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