Bully Stick Braided 6"



Bones & Chews Braided Bully Stick 6" Dog Treats have a braided design that endures a very long-lasting chewing experience. These protein-rich chews are 100% digestible, making them a great alternative to rawhide. They feature an incredible flavor dogs crave, and their braided shape and unique texture even help to clean teeth and gums as your dog chews. These safe and healthy, single-ingredient treats have no chemicals or preservatives.

Key Benefits
  • Protein-rich chews that are 100% digestible, making them a great alternative to rawhide.
  • Single ingredient product made from Argentinian cattle pizzle with a taste your dog will love.
  • Contains no chemicals or preservatives.
  • These long-lasting chews help support teeth and gum health as well as freshen breath.
  • 6-inch braided bully sticks are thicker than standard bullies for a longer lasting chew. Great for dogs of all sizes.

Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat. Because this is a natural treat, its sizing, color and appearance may vary this is normal. You may also notice a natural scent and oil while your pal chews; this natural oil may stain your furniture, carpeting or other surfaces. To prevent injury and choking hazard, please watch your pet while they enjoy this treat and be sure to choose the appropriate size chew. If this product splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately for your pet's safety.

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