Avocado Flower Essence
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Avocado (Persea gratissima) Flower Essence From Green Hope Farm

Cleansing and restoring the digestive system especially the liver. Complicated interpersonal dynamics can leave us feeling intense emotions including anger, envy, bitterness or hatred. Avocado helps us release these emotions instead of stuffing them. This has a profound impact on our digestive systems especially our livers as this is where we stuff these emotions.

-Helps us connect to the Elementals who can help expedite the cleansing process in as gentle a way as possible.
-Deeply restorative to the third chakra area.

0.5oz in cobalt glass dropper

*Green Hope Farm Flower Essences are stabilized in 80% organic red shiso infused in water and 20% white vinegar.
These statements are not intended as a treatment for disease and are not verified by the FDA. If you are in need of health care to treat symptoms, please consult a physician. 

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