Corn Nuts BBQ, 1.7 oz
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Corn Nuts BBQ Crunchy Corn Kernels are packed with savory flavor giving you a crunchy snack that makes every handful delicious. Grab a bag of Corn Nuts for movie night on the couch, or serve up a bowl at your next family get-together. Always keep BBQ Corn Nuts stocked in your pantry to satisfy your cravings for a flavorful snack. Our roasted corn kernels pair perfectly with everything, and they're also Kosher-friendly. Each of the 18 1.7 oz. bags of Corn Nuts are great for keeping on hand, and the individual packs are great for on-the-go snacking and help preserve freshness. Corn Nuts BBQ Crunchy Corn Kernels deliver savory flavor and a satisfying crunch Snack size packaging offers on-the-go convenience Grab a bag of Corn Nuts for parties and get-togethers A great snack for those keeping Kosher Crunchy corn kernels

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