Sew Squishy Cubes Activity Kit



Designed for beginners, this Sew Squishy Cubes Activity Kit includes everything you need to make 3 extra-snuggly felt creations: a unicorn, a phoenix, and a yeti. Each animal is made with felt pieces pre-cut with holes for extra-simple sewing. Once your projects are stitched and stuffed, customize each cube with stickers and faux fur with felt-friendly double-stick tape. Sprinkled with humor, these cute plushies spark imagination and play! Be sure to name each of your new magical friends, then fill in the blank story at the end of the 24-page book to create your own, unique adventure. Suitable for ages 7 and up, functional sharp point warning for sewing needle.

Kit includes: 6 piece of pre-cut felt with pre-punched holes for easy sewing, stick on felt for no-sew decorations, there is a total of 8 colors of felt, including sparkly gold; 1 needle, stuffing: 1.8oz polyester stuffing, embroidery floss in 3 colors and furry yarn in a variety of colors.

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